Donate To Harvest Guitars For The Troops

Help Send A Soldier Or Veteran The Healing Gift Of Music

Please Donate Now

Your $300.00 donation will deliver one complete Harvest Guitar Troop Package to an active duty soldier or veteran in need. Please donate any amount as all donations will be combined to deliver as many packages as possible to the troops.

All donations are tax-deductible through Close Music Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Mail A Check:

Write a check, in whatever amount you can, payable to Close Music Foundation, and mail it to 3535 South Irving Street, Suite D, Englewood, Colorado 80110. Write Harvest Guitars For The Troops in the memo line. You will receive a tax-receipt from Close Music Foundation allowing you to write off the donation on your tax returns.

For more information, please contact Debra Jessp at 303-781-6464 or email her at

Matching Gifts

Did you know many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage philanthropy among their employees? Some companies will even match retiree’s donations.  Check with your company, you may be able to double up on your donation.

Legacy Giving

Also called planned giving, legacy giving refers to gifts that donors plan to be distributed from their estate after their death.

It’s really quite simple – the language in the donors Paragraph might read as follows:

 I give and bequeath to Close Music Foundation the sum of $____ (or a specific piece of property) to be used as Close Music Foundation directs.

Low Cost Basis

The donation of a stock that you have held for a long time and that has appreciated in value will be tax deductible at its current market value, allowing you to leverage your gift giving.

In Lieu Of A Family Gift

Consider supporting our Military and their families in lieu of receiving gifts for your birthday, anniversary, graduation, or your favorite holiday!